Welcome to my ranting!

Thanks to my dear son Trey, all the rantings you’ve heard for years will now be world-wide! There are so many ways that the common sense of this country are slipping through our hands, very slowly but more visible with each generation.¬†We all know the reasons we can’t seem to make changes, but we should not let that stop us from trying. I will never change the world but I can change the small space around me. (I was once told to keep my mouth shut, that no one will ever listen to me and I would never change anything for the better. That same person told me in 1982 that no one would ever pay for water when they could get it out of the facet for free. He could have been Mr. Dasani if he had let me start putting water in cans to sell)

So after turning 40 years old, I decided to listen to no one but myself, to keep trying to do what I think is right and not to listen to the world views. The news continues to become a People Magazine and insult our intelligence so I don’t watch it other than the weather. I work my job as a Realtor and meet fascinating people along the way. My life goal now is to help anyone that passes through my life, to make theirs just a little bit better. This is something we all can do, just putting a smile on someones face brings happiness, if not for just a moment. I am a Christian and believe God puts certain people in your life for lessons, for them or myself. My life has had many tragedies and I consider them as tests. The reason I have so many tragedies is that I keep passing these tests! (Not sure that’s a good thing sometimes…) but I continue on my journey.

Please join in when you can and go on this journey with me. I may even start from the beginning!